Hail Damage Repair

Getting hail damage estimates from reputable companies before you contact your auto insurance company is very important. That’s because many car damage appraisers and independent adjusters don’t know much about paintless dent repair matrices for the insurance estimates. As such, they mostly guess how it is done without the use of the PDR matrix. 

In most cases, hail damage repair estimates are based on the dent size. For instance, you can pay $40 for a small dent. A medium-size dent can cost $50 to repair while a large dent can cost $80. At Dent Dawg, we use a PDR Price Matrix to come up with a proper estimate for auto hail damage repair. 

3 Steps for Providing Accurate Hail Damage Estimates

Our PDR Matrix is simply a chart that we use to determine the most accurate cost of repairing a hail-damaged vehicle. Our PDR matrix is something that most insurance companies agree with. It sets standards for determining the right price for the repair of hail-damaged vehicles. 

Here are the three steps that we follow when providing our hail damage repair estimates: 

  1. Determination of the panel to be assessed and repaired for hail damage 
  2. Determination of the number of dents on the panel 
  3. Determination of the dent size. 

Our estimates are based on the required labor and size of the dent to be repaired. Common dent sizes include dime, quarter, nickel, and half-dollar. Hail is naturally random. And, dent sizes vary from one panel to another. As such, the adjuster decides on the hail damage repair estimates based on the size of most dents on the panels. 

For instance, if a vehicle has 16 dents with 5 being dime, 5 being quarters, and 6 being nickel, the adjuster can conclude that your vehicle has 16 nickel dents. The final estimate will depend on the average size of all dents on the panel. 

Affordable Hail Damage Repair

Dent Dawg knows how unpredictable hail storms can be. And, when Mother Nature strikes, she can leave massive destruction on her path. If your vehicle has sustained serious dents after a hail storm, we can repair it at a reasonable price. Insured losses amount to around $15 billion for auto and home claims every year in the United States. 

Our hail damage estimates depend on the impact are size and number of dents to be removed. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that you will have a single dent to fix after a hailstorm. In most cases, hail-damaged vehicles have dozens of dents to be removed. The good news is that we charge the most competitive price for hail damage depending on the severity and size of the dent. 

We use paintless dent repair to fix hail damaged vehicles. This is an innovative technique for fixing the outer panel indentations or strikes that do not have stripped paint. As long as the exterior finish of the panel has not been compromised by hail damage, paintless dent removal will remove the surface imperfections effectively. That means you won’t spend money on vehicle repainting. 

Our technicians will remove dents from the vehicle and surface imperfection carefully using the right tools and techniques. We can also remove dents without using body fillers and then refinish your vehicle if its finish has also been damaged. We use specialized tools and the latest technology to fix hail damage. 

Our affordable hail damage repair service restores a vehicle to the pre-damage condition. What’s more, we offer a lifetime guarantee. That means you can always bring your vehicle back to us if unsatisfied with our repairs. 

Free Hail Damage Repair Estimates

If your vehicle has been caught in a hailstorm and you wish to know the amount it will cost you to repair, don’t let the issue stress you. Just get in touch with us to request a free hail damage repair estimate for your vehicle. We’re experienced professionals that have been repairing hail-damaged vehicles for years. We pay attention to every detail and focus on perfection. In addition to removing the dents caused by the hailstorm, we can also perform auto paint touch-ups to eliminate all the imperfections from your vehicle’s sheen. 

We know that hailstorm can leave your vehicle with extensive dents on the roof, trunk, and hood. Large ice spheres can even break the windshield when they pound on your vehicle. Fortunately, we have the right skills and technology to repair hail-damaged vehicles efficiently and professionally. 

Our technicians can restore your hail-damaged vehicle to its pre-damage condition efficiently and cost-effectively. And, the best part of our service is that you can get an estimate quickly. Once you contact us or bring your vehicle to our auto body repair shop, it can take minutes to get an estimate. But, the time that we take to provide estimates depends on the size and number of dents caused by a hailstorm on your vehicle. 

We embark on hail damage repair once you get your insurance approval. We remove dents from all panels using the PDR technique. Your vehicle regains its pre-damage condition shortly after you bring it to us. We ensure that every hail-damaged vehicle that we repair leaves our auto shop looking brand new. 

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Don’t waste more of your precious time guessing about the amount you will spend on hail damage repair. If you’re wondering how much hail damage repair will cost you, get in touch with us. We offer free hail damage estimates in San Antonio and provide seamless, excellent professional repairs. 

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