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Dent Dawg offers a superior hail damage dent repair San Antonio service. Most vehicle owners are usually surprised by the damage that hail storm causes to the paintwork of their vehicles. Unfortunately, some weather conditions have hailstones of enormous sizes. These fall in form of small rocks on the paintwork of a vehicle causing dings and dents that have an unsightly look.

At Dent Dawg, we know that you want to restore the pre-damage look of your vehicle after a hail storm. Therefore, we offer a highly efficient and professional hail damage repair service in San Antonio. We use the advanced paintless dent repair method to remove dents that are caused by a hail storm and restore the original look of your vehicle.

Paintless hail damage dent repair is ideal for aluminum and steel panels. It involves pushing out dents from the underside of the affected panels. Our technicians use specialized tabs, rods, and glue to pull out the dented part of a vehicle. Their aim is to repair dents without damaging the paintwork of your vehicle.

Modern vehicles have flexible paints. As such, this hail damage dent repair method is applicable to almost all vehicles. Our technicians have been repairing hail damage dents for years. Trust us to deliver amazing results once you bring your vehicle for hail damage or dent repair at our shop in San Antonio.

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We know that you don’t want to be caught out with a bill that you didn’t expect. That’s why we offer you the most reasonably priced hail damage dent repair service in San Antonio. What’s more, we can offer you a free estimate anytime you need it. Essentially, we ensure that you know the amount that you will pay for the job before we start the repair.

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